Friday, 21 April 2017


The current issue of BUZZ magazine has a review of "INANIMATE PEOPLE" by Gerhard Kress!

Anyone interested in buying their own copy of this wonderful book...

...and we'll sort it out for you!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mabon Arts Publishing - Inanimate People

This is the new web space for Mabon Arts Publishing.

Coming under the "umbrella" of "Mabon Arts" -  run by Chris and Alan Gray...

...this is where the publishing adventures will be recounted.

Apart from Chris's own work...

...Mabon Arts Publishing was set up in order to handle small-scale publishing projects for individuals with talent and enthusiasm.

We are proud to announce the publication of "Inanimate People"...

...a book of art photography and poetry by Gerhard Kress.

Gerhard has been accumulating photographs of "Inanimate People" for quite some time...

...and now a collection has been brought together within these covers.

Images within the book tell their own stories...

...but Gerhard's own beautiful words take the reader to beyond the world of sight alone.

it takes all of us

to make this world

it takes just a handful

to destroy it

and it takes this world

to claim back what was never ours

Gerhard Kress      "Inanimate People"

(Paper bound - 68 pages - £14.95 from Gerhard